Highest Net Promoter Scores in the United States in 2015!

Customer Experience Research Study  |  Dr. Michael Garver Ph.D.

Cross & Light scored higher in Customer Satisfaction than the best US Companies: Apple, Amazon, and Fed Ex.

Michael Garver, Ph.D. | April, 2015

Professor Michael Garver saw The Cross and the Light in 2014. This experience affected him so deeply that he conducted a Customer Experience Research Study to see if others felt the same way and the results were astounding! (Note: Dr. Garver became a Christian after seeing the show and became Catholic in 2016.)

Our Customer Satisfaction Score was the same or higher than the best companies in the US: Amazon, Apple Computers, and Federal Express.

Extremely Satisfied
Extremely Moved
Felt God's Presence
Inspired to learn more about Jesus Christ

Isn't that amazing? But that's not all.

Cross & Light also had the highest Net Promoter Score [NPS] in the country!

[Source: 2015 Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Average Net Promoter Scores for US consumer sectors.]

YES! I would recommend this event to others!

So what does that mean to the church?

If you host Cross & Light and have 5,000 people in attendance, you can feel confident that over 3,800 people will be sharing their experience with others.

WOW. Think about that for a moment.

Isn't that exactly what we want our people to do? To go out and share the Good News with others!

After people encounter Jesus' mercy and forgiveness in Cross & Light, they can't help themselves but to share their experience. They feel compelled to talk with others. That's why 77% said:

"YES! I would recommend this event to others."

Marketers would "kill" for that kind of Net Promoter Score. In today's world, getting people to recommend a product is really hard to do.

Let's face it, most people just don't feel comfortable recommending products, let alone talking about Jesus!

That's why Dr. Garver was so astounded by our results. In his twenty plus years as a research consultant, he's never seen these type of scores.

Evangelization is all about sharing your experience of how Jesus has transformed your life. Cross & Light gives people a life-changing experience and an authentic encounter with Christ.

No wonder Bishop Felipe Estevez stood up after the performance was over at St. Catherine of Siena in Orange Florida and proclaimed to the audience,

Cross & Light is the essence of the NewEvangelization! It is Pope Francis' Joy of the Gospels...for sure!

And Vincent Reilly, Director of Religious Education at St. Catherine of Siena said,

It was a big risk, but worth every penny. Our people were transformed. We will never be the same! If I had it my way, I'd be bringing Cross & Light back to St. Catherine!

​We've always known people love Cross & Light!

Now there's data to back it up!