Cross & Light is an international, critically acclaimed musical and multi-sensory video experience of Jesus’ death, resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It’s an authentic biblical proclamation of the greatest love story of all time!

  • Over 100,000 people in attendance from Detroit to Australia

  • Over $1 million spent in developing the production

  • NO religious compromises; approved biblical authenticity

  • Positive theatrical reviews

  • The complete "WOW" factor in one show

  • Fully engages people of all ages & all denominations

  • Testimonials from Bishops, religious, and laity.


Cross & Light is going to grow the Catholic church and enrich the faith of millions! Our strategy will:

Equip the Church. Engage the People. And Extend the Experience!

This three-part strategy has a proven record of success in churches all over the world. Here is how we transform parishes:

  • Before The Show

    Cross & Light provides the marketing outreach training system for each parish and volunteer leadership team.

  • The Pinnacle Event

    The Cross & Light show, which brings in over 4,000 people to each parish on average, is a life-changing encounter with Christ proven to bring people closer to Jesus and His Church.

  • After the Show

    After the Show Cross & Light extends the experience through our innovative App technology and communication tools that build a local, Catholic community for the church’s continued outreach.

Cross & Light has the strategy that will transform churches from scarcity to abundance!


New studies have shown that more and more of US adults who were raised Catholic are leaving the church at some point in their lives. What's the reason? Well...most cited they feel church is boring and not relevant. And as a result…they don’t think it’s true!

That’s why we’ve spent over a million dollars developing this high tech, contemporary musical production to immerse people in Jesus’ story of love and mercy and make it exciting and relevant in the 21st Century!

And we can prove it works!

Professor Michael Garver saw the show in 2014. This experience affected him so deeply that he gave his life to Christ and became a Catholic two years later. In order to find out if others felt the same way he did, Dr. Garver conducted a Customer Experience Research Study and the results were astounding!

So why is Cross & Light so effective?

We’ve harnessed the power of theater and music to emotionally connect people to not only the story of Jesus in the Bible, but to every human emotion along the way. With this show, you can experience…

  • Jesus' love for us in the Last Supper

  • His agony and fear in the garden

  • Peter's guilt and shame when he denies Christ three times

  • The Blessed Mother's trust in God and her grief at the foot of the cross

  • And then...when you experience the joy of the risen Lord on Easter Sunday, you will rejoice like never before!

Cross & Light works because it immerses people and all of the senses into HIS story. It’s a baptism of the imagination with the “technical wow” factor that our young people need to be engaged!

We transform the walls of the church back into a sacred storytelling vehicle like in years past, surrounding people with dramatic, cinematic imagery - the baby in the manger, the cross, the nails, the storm clouds, the lighting, the empty tomb...

...And take people on a deeply moving musical journey through Christ’s passion, resurrection, and the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world!

So...if you're serious about giving your flock a spiritual wake up call to reignite their faith, check out how to host Cross & Light. Don’t delay – performance weeks are limited and filling up fast!

PERFORMANCE INFORMATION: Running length is 90 minutes. Perfect for believers of all denominations. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 5 not allowed.

Kelly Nieto


Cross & Light's Creator and Executive Producer

A Rare Speaker Who Mixes Inspiration, Catholicism, Devotion and Heartfelt Humor Into Captivating Talks…that Change Lives. You can check out her inspirational story here:


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