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In Acts 17, St. Paul talks to the people of Athens, and in order to engage the people he talks about their temple — using the temple as a reference point to help the Athenians understand. St. Paul also references a saying from Athenian poets in order to further connect with the people of Athens.

St. Paul’s strategy of connecting with the people of Athens using their modes of understanding is important.

We know that studies have shown that more and more people who were raised Catholic are leaving the church at some point in their lives. What’s the reason? Well . . . most cited they feel church is boring and not relevant. And as a result . . . they don’t think it’s true! We need to connect with people where they are at — where the conversation is taking place.

And we all know that the conversation is happening digitally.

With our app, Cross & Light is building a national Catholic digital community. And we are building this community for you! In our app you can learn more about your faith, connect with local Catholics and churches, as well as engage in a national conversation about our faith.

Cross & Light will be updating the app regularly with new features that will help enrich your faith! Here are just some of the unique features our app already offers:

  • You can submit prayer needs to the community, as well as join others in prayer;
  • You can ask a priest a question directly through the app;
  • You get exclusive content about your faith, as well as lyric videos, behind the scenes features, and videos explaining the making of each song; and
  • You can chat with fellow Catholics, post news and comments; and
  • You get rewarded for learning more about your faith — the more you engage the more cool stuff Cross & Light gives you . . . for FREE!

We also know that it is not always easy to share your faith digitally, which is why the Cross & Light’s Newsfeed is the perfect way for you to connect with other Catholics all over the country; a Catholic Free Speech zone where you can openly talk about your faith without fear!

The purpose for creating this app is to help you enrich your faith by creating a space for information and communication. And you can play a part in this faith-building tool! The more you post, engage, comment, and share the better the app will be for you and for others.

Follow Cross & Light in the app for updates on future updates and ways Cross & Light will help grow the Catholic faith in America!

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