How does one woman do this?

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Hello. My name is Diana DiRita, and I am the CFO for Nieto Productions, LLC. I was in a meeting a few days ago and heard the same question I’ve heard a 1000 times.  “How do two women from the suburbs bring over 70,000 people to this show?” It got me thinking and praying as it often does. And here’s my answer.
I have to change the question to “How does ONE woman do this? It’s not false humility on my part. I’m just here to help. Kelly Nieto, the creator of The Cross and the Light, would be doing this with or without me.
The reason over 70,000 people have seen this incredible show over its history is because it is EXCELLENCE for the Lord.  Kelly’s motto at the bottom of every email is “Nothing short of excellence for the Lord!” And it’s true. She hasn’t even developed this performance to its full potential yet — GO FIGURE!

Honestly, it isn’t rocket science to figure out how one woman has created something so successful. I am being very forthright and honest. Kelly and her family epitomize what is meant by surrendering to His will to build up His Kingdom.


Kelly is focused on a few things:
  • Prayer – She talks to Him all the time. This relationship is the most important relationship in her life.
  • Using her God-given talents to introduce people to Jesus.
  • Family – God has blessed her with the love and support of family. They would all like so much more of her, but know sacrificing her presence is the right thing to do. Not ever easy, always a struggle, but a struggle filled with love.
If people really think about it and truly believe that God can work wonders when we surrender to Him, then it is easy to understand how one woman continues to bring the most popular religious production to the city of Detroit.  And someday, they will understand how one woman brought the most popular religious production to the world…it really isn’t woman.  It is God and just a sliver of His artistic beauty.

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