How is Cross & Light Impacting People?

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Cross & Light did a few shows at the beginning of February, and we wanted to share with you how Cross & Light is impacting people, but we won’t use our words. Read the testimonials people are posting on Facebook!

“Our whole family (including our 6 year-old) saw this on Sunday and we LOVED it! The music is beautiful, the actors are amazing, and the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection comes to life in a very powerful way. We had high expectations going in and all of those were exceeded with this beautifully done musical. Kelly is an inspired artist and I am thankful to her for taking her talent and using it for so much good. Well done, Cross and Light!”

“I brought a friend who is not an active Catholic hoping to plant a seed. It’s too soon to tell so I am praying on it. This is an excellent production, timing on point, well cast and just an overall astounding and energetic production! The music moves you and I highly recommended! It’s as perfect as you can get.

“What an amazing production. The singing and acting were superb, and the lyrics were beautiful. The actors showed so much emotion in depicting the highlights of Jesus’s passion, crucifixion and resurrection in such a moving and contemporary way, and each contributed in a unique way to the production. They made you feel like you were there with them! Thank you for all you have done, Kelly, in bringing the love of Christ more profoundly into our lives.

“I came expecting one thing in mind, this will be the same as ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ I saw at the San Diego Civic. I left surprised; left thinking well worth my donation. Just 7 performers acting/singing the life of Christ is a challenge they are the best of the best and Kudos to the director/producer. The movie that I have seen with less performers is ‘Same Time, Next Year’ Alda and Burstyn did their best in this movie. I will not hesitate to put the cast of ‘Cross & Light’ on the same level of Alda and Burstyn.”

“We saw Cross & Light yesterday at St. Michael’s and it was AMAZING!!! I cried, I got goosebumps, and I was reminded AGAIN how much Jesus loves me. And then I went to Reconciliation…a beautiful experience!

“Great interactive show for the whole family. Talented cast with great presence and passion for our Savior…this is a must if in your city, they rocked San Diego.

“I saw the show today with my sisters and nieces and am soooooooooo glad to have experienced it! The whole production, the acting, the singing, the lyrics, and the music, was all amazing! It brought me to tears several times and during the song of He is Alive, I got chills throughout my entire body. I imagined myself walking alongside Jesus and weeping while he was carrying the cross. Hearing the whipping sounds with surround sound was heart wrenching. You must see this show. I will definitely bring more people to it if it does come back to San Diego. Thank you Kelly Nieto for your amazing work. Praise Jesus!”

I don’t know when we’ve seen a more AWESOME performance. The Cross & Light will touch your heart, your faith and your soul. It has some of the most beautiful music and it captured some of the most beautiful words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though this is a story we all know, it was captivating and certainly inspiring. Love, love, LOVED it! Blessing to all the cast and crew. These are some talented and beautiful souls.”

All I can say is WOW! I saw Cross & Light at St. Michael’s in Poway yesterday. It’s a must see. I got so engrossed in the characters that I wept. It’s very professionally done, the songs are wonderful, and the actors’ voices are amazing.”

“We loved it!! The performance was excellent, beautiful, inspiring, authentic, and entertaining! My wife and I laughed and cried (tears of joy and sorrow). We connected with each of the characters in a special way and felt the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit through it all! Thank you Cross and Light for coming to our Church! We want to see it again soon and share it with more friends and family.”

As you can read here, Cross & Light is changing lives and bringing people closer to God! If you are interested in bringing Cross & Light to your parish go to to learn how!

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