Jesus! Stop wasting my time.

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Judas is often identified as a Zealot. I’m sure you’ve heard that word, but what is a zealot? Zealots believed that if they could turn Israel back to God and incite war against the Romans, the Messiah would arise to lead them and establish His Kingdom.
At first, Jesus’ message was exactly what Judas wanted to hear. His early teachings fit their expectations of a Messiah who would turn the people back to God. And then with all the miracles, healings, and casting out of demons, this was “proof.” Judas must have been so excited. Here was a righteous Jew, a descendant of David, who could lead them to victory over the Romans and usher in God’s Kingdom. “Yes!” (mimicking Judas!)
Yet at some point, Jesus’ message began to change. He often told His disciples that He would die—by crucifixion, of all things—and saying this is why I’ve come!” Can you imagine what Judas must have been thinking?
“No, no, no! I’ve been following you for 3 long years, waiting for the moment you would rise up against Rome, and now you speak of dying on a cross?  Are you insane? This is not what I had in mind at all. And Daniel…Daniel prophesied that a messiah was coming to establish the Kingdom that “shall stand forever.’ How is dying going to fulfill that prophecy? Huh? Jesus. Stop wasting my time. It’s now or never! Do something, and if you don’t, I will take matters into my own hands.”’
Jesus was not acting like a messiah should act. He was not the man Judas wanted him to be. So, Judas took matters into own hands and betrayed Jesus. You know the story. Judas condemned the Savior of the world, the King of kings to a cruel, shameful, painful death by crucifixion.
Now Judas eventually hung himself, but all the remorse in the world could not undo the damage he had caused. What terrible destruction do we cause in our own lives because Jesus doesn’t do what we want Him to do, because Jesus doesn’t say what we want him to say. Jesus is Lord of Lord, King of Kings not some lucky rabbit’s foot or jenie in a bottle that we call upon only when we need something. Who is Jesus to you?

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